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TreatBop - Interactive Treat Dispensing Cat Toy

TreatBop - Interactive Treat Dispensing Cat Toy

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    Got no time to train your pets? TreatBop is here to help you sharpen your pets’  intelligence and boost their energy.

    TreatBop is the perfect toy to encourage good behavior and stimulate a good mind workout for pets. This treat-dispensing toy rewards your fur babies for successfully catching the bug-like toy. 

    Key Benefits

    ✔︎ Interactive Toy - TreatBop challenges pets to catch the bug before receiving a treat. This trains pets to be skilfully patient in hunting, promoting better hunting skills and obedience.

    ✔︎ Multiple Modes - Entertain your pets with a variety of playing modes. TreatBop has a foraging pattern mode, escape mode, and hiding mode to stir up curiosity and challenge your pets.

    ✔︎ Non-Slip Base - Pets can be restless and may push the toy around. TreatBop is equipped with a non-slip foot pad that ensures its stability while being used.

    ✔︎ Food Grade - Worry not about harmful chemicals. TreatBop is made of ABS material that is guaranteed to be food safe, durable, and resistant to abrasions.

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